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Running (1) A hedgehog, swans and geese.


This morning, I went for a run across Walthamstow Marshes. I am slowly easing myself back into running after a short break - it’s frustrating how quickly fitness disappears but getting back to an average running pace requires weeks of plodding to get my legs and mind back into the habit. Anyway, this week I ran 5 miles (on Wednesday and again today) and this allowed me to run across the marshes which is a great reward for an increase in fitness. 


I feel very lucky to live in zone 3 with access to a tube and mainline station which as a freelance interpreter makes travelling to various bookings relatively hassle free but also to have access to a beautiful open space. It really does wonders for your mental and physical health. 


What I most enjoy about running is the wildlife I see. I live next to the River Lea and watching the swans with their cygnets and the great number of Canada geese with their goslings over the last few months as they grow has been captivating. Each morning as I walk over the bridge I stop to look and count.


On Wednesday, I ran quite early as the temperature this week has soared and I’m most definitely not a summer runner! I was still sweating an hour after I’d finished my run and my face was the same colour as my cerise top. This was very special run and most definitely worth getting up early - I saw a hedgehog! It was pootling along on the grass verge as I was running along the gravel track. I did have to stop briefly to admire it. Now this is quite a special part of the run as to one side you can see fields with cows and the other fields with horses. Other than the occasional dog walker or runner, it is a very peaceful stretch. Today I saw a little bunny go hopping across the track and disappear into a field. 


Wonderful start to the day.



*I never take my phone with me on a run so photographing the hedgehog was a missed opportunity but the swan and cygnets are equally beautiful.

**Today I ran 5 miles (8.05KM) in 49:18 which is an improvement on Wednesday's 51:10.