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Interpreting in the university classroom.


This study examines the interpreting support provided to deaf and hard of hearing students, studying full and part-time time at universities in the U.K. during the period September 2016 to December 2019.


The main objective of this study is to look at the interpreting support provided in the university classroom to deaf and hard of hearing students who use sign language to access the curriculum.


Research questions:

  1. Who is providing interpreting support in the university classroom?
  2. Is the interpreting support meeting the language need of students?
  3. Is the DSA-QAG framework workable for all stakeholders?
  4. What tools, coping strategies and linguistic features are adopted by interpreters and CSWs when interpreting the source language (spoken, academic English) into the target language (BSL)? 

Information for deaf and hard of hearing students:

Survey for deaf and hard of hearing students


Survey Information document


Survey Consent document



Information for CSWs and sign language interpreters:

Survey for CSWs and BSL / English Interpreters


Survey Information document


Survey Consent document


This page will be updated shortly with further information about the project and information for participants. 


Conference presentations

Interpreting for deaf students in HE. Watch Your Language 2018. City Lit, London 12/04/18


Improving accesss provision for deaf studens in HE. What more can be done?  Westminster Briefing, London 15/11/17



Lewin, F. & Schembri, A. (2011) Mouth gestures in British Sign Language (BSL): A case study of tongue protrusion in BSL narratives. Sign Language & Linguistics 14(1), 94-114.




Frances Lewin

Frances Lewin is a PhD student at UCL Institute of Education working under the supervision of Professor Chloe Marshall and Dr Robert Adam