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I have worked in a freelance capacity for almost fifteen years and as a self-confessed control freak the luxury of being able to manage my own diary is wonderful. I am very fortunate that my work allows me some flexibility to choose the types of bookings and hours of work which suit my interests and lifestyle. 


One aspect I appreciate is being able to participate in activities outside of work. I enjoy swimming and this summer I joined the local sports centre and am now a member of the regular group of 06:00 swimmers! Despite last year having one-to-one lessons to learn front crawl I have accepted that I am best suited to breast stroke. 


I have recently returned to learning to play the violin and I will take my grade two exam next year. I shall measure my progress against the speed at which my cat makes her escape when I appear holding the violin case.


I believe we should all give time where possible to undertake some voluntary work. My recent application for public service work has been successful and I have also applied to participate in a telephone befriending service with older members. 


Having a balanced lifestyle of pleasurable activities and challenging work assignments is necessary for me to maintain my mental health and wellbeing. I hope my fiddle playing improves so as not to disturb my cat or neighbours!