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One word sums up the work on my thesis during March: Methods.



Three words which sum up the work

on my methodology:


Bouncing. Piping. Streaming.




Designing an online national survey for Communication Support Workers and Sign Language Interpreters has taken longer than I had initially planned. In addition to actually creating the questions, I’ve had to learn about the psychology behind participants completing questionnaires so that I can get the best number of responses, as well as the importance of bouncing, piping and streaming questions.


I have a mentor, who is a survey specialist and works in the field, and this support has been useful to really fine-tune the questions. Brutal but brilliant is how I’d describe our sessions!


I’m pleased to say that we’re almost ready to go live!


I’m running a workshop at City Lit’s Watch Your Language event on 12th April and I’d like to launch the survey that week.


I’m recording the developments and changes to the survey, and also writing throughout, and this will all be useful for my upgrade later this year.


Today, I had an initial meeting with Dr R Jackson who will be coaching me during the next couple of months. Dr Jackson's research areas include pragmatics, coaching and pedagogy and they recently set-up a business providing coaching to post graduate students and early career research staff. The purpose of the sessions is to work with an issue linked to my studies. I have to bring a goal to each session and me talking about this allows me to identify steps to achieve it. Dr Jackson tells me coaching is like ‘having a conversation with yourself.'  So, I’ll let you know how that goes!



If you're interested in working with a coach, contact Dr R Jackson here



*  Photograph. Flowers from my lovely friend, Dotty.