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Frances is studying for a PhD at UCL Institute of Education under the supervision of Professor Chloe Marshall and Dr Robert Adam. This research examines the access provision for deaf students in higher education: Is the HE classroom accessible to deaf students? Read the blog post she wrote for The Limping Chicken outlining some of the issues.


Frances qualified as a British Sign Language (BSL) interpreter in 2001 and recently achieved the Training, Assessment and Quality Assurance (TAQA) interpreter assessor qualification. Her master’s research considered the ‘th’ mouth gesture as a non-manual adverbial morpheme in BSL and can be found here: Lewin, D. & Schembri, A. (2011) Mouth gestures in British Sign Language (BSL): A case study of tongue protrusion in BSL narratives. Sign Language & Linguistics 14(1), 94-114.


Frances has taught English at all levels and also undertakes a small amount of proofreading work: academic assignments, business documents and web content.


Frances Lewin



Frances is strong in both interpreting into and out of BSL. She is able to work in a wide range of situations, ranging across academic, business and community settings. She is able to adapt to the range of communication styles found in the Deaf community. I see her as having the ideal combination of technical, professional and social skills needed in a modern BSL interpreter.